Andreas Gies

I was born in 1968 and was fascinated with IT from an early age. After studying computer science at the University of the Armed Forces in Munich I was lucky to spend the rest of my air force time as a software developer and project lead for several projects where I learned to love and hate mainframe technologies and got in touch with middleware components.

Out of the air force in 1998 I have spent 12 years with various companies as a consultant / architect / developer mainly on large projects specializing on the middleware components. Around 2005 my interest shifted to the structured / model driven deployment of large projects and supporting the development life cycle from a QA perspective.

2010 I left employment and founded the Way of Quality, a company mainly interested in Software Quality Assuarance, Development Processes, Deployment Automation and the like. I work with companies helping them to introduce and/or optimize their development and deployment processes with a special focus on making the transition from development to production as painless as possible.

From a technology perspective I am very much into Java, but also Ruby which I love to use for prototyping and Scala which love to explore deeper as programs are easier to reason about. My day to day work brings me in touch with a range of technologies and languages including good old KORN shell and other interesting beasts.

I love to use Open Source Technologies and 2 of the 12 years in employment I was lucky to work for FUSE Source, which is now owned by Redhat, where I learned a lot about ActiveMQ, Camel, CXF, ServiceMix and OSGi. These technologies are permanent companions in my current projects and I am looking to put them to use in the Scala world as much as I possibly can and find projects willing to use Scala in the real world.

I have a wonderful family allowing me to vanish behind my laptop for periods of time. We live in southern Germany and share our family home with a Jack Russel Terrier and a Husky.