Experienced consultant or beginner?

  • You’re a geek and your colleagues come to you if they don’t get on?
  • You studied computer science or a similar subject and now you want to test your knowledge in real life?
  • You are interested in computer science and technology, but do not know yet whether university will suite you ?
  • You are already a Scala enthusiast or want to pick it up ?
  • You are never satisfied with the tests you have written ?

  • We are offering you a consulting home with interesting projects across Europe.
  • We actively engage in Open Source technologies and bring them to life at interesting customers.
  • We do desgin and architecture, development and deployment.
  • We prefer to leave project management to the managers …

Freelance ? - Open Source participant ?

Attracted by what we do, but don’t want to join just yet ? We have recently started to publish the core modules of our recent application as a project on github. Feel free to join in and let us know - we are always looking for partners to work with in projects.


You are a student of computer science or a similar subject?

We would like to support you in upcoming project work. Currently, we are interested in further developments around Scala, Akka and OSGi. Also we want to explore Quality Assurance tools in the Scala space.

To give some examples:

  • We are a mavenized shop. We live and breathe maven all day long. However, with the move to Scala we ask ourselves whether transitioning to the Scala Build Tools would make sense ? There are quite a few questions around that - questions also asked by companies considering the move from Java to Scala or going for a hybrid approach.
  • There are quite a few code coverage tools for Scala out there. Why not have a deeper look into how they work and what conclusions can be drawn from their metrics ? On a side note take the metrics from static analysis tools into account.
  • Get involved with the Sonar community to enhance their Scala support
  • Finally, as stated above, we ahve open sourced our core modules and are determined to provide a container framework based on state of the art technologoes. There are always things to do that would probably fit into your studies. Currently we are working actively on:
    • Enhance the Akka / OSGi integration
    • Integrate Neo4J as persistence layer in the container
    • Manage a large number of collaborating containers across unreliable networks
    • Documentation

Work with us

Simply fork our project and start contributing. If you want to apply as a consultant or a student, please send us your resume to

We respond to every application and look forward to meeting you.