Goodbye Joomla! Welcome Jekyll!

I have been a happy Joomla user for a while, but somehow it wasn’t quite what I felt at home with for editing my content. Especially editing articles with source code references and pictures in it didn’t resonate with me very well. With getting more active on github I came across github-pages and Jekyll, a blog aware generator for static web pages.

Playing with it for a couple of days, the Way of Quality homepage has now a new dress and publishing content is merely a git push. I will be busy over the next couple of days to move my project documentation to the new location as well. Looking forward to share more content faster.

A special thanks goes to Hossain Mohd Faysal for providing a jekyll theme that made it very simple to get the transition done with a minimal headache. All errors that may still be on the web page are my own faults and not attributed to the template. Thanks, Hossain !