Engage and help

Dear customers, Dear Partners, Dear Free Lancers,

especially in our technical-oriented profession, we sometimes forget how lucky we are and that there are many people who need our help urgently. Among the many needy it is the children who need our help and support the most. Many lack the most basic things in life: clean water, food, shelter, medical care and access to education and self-determination.

Delivering Help

For this reason, we - as a relatively young company - have partnered with World Vision Germany and sponsor 7 children in various countries around the world. The postcards and letters we have received over time show us that our support is useful and well targeted. Unlike anonymous donations we can see here how our children grow up and maybe get a bit of the care that is so natural for us.

If there was time …

Who of us hasn’t felt it: the idea one would have time to do something - give something to others. Perhaps we can indeed serve as an inspiration with this short text and you will become a sponsor yourself. Get in touch with your local World Vision organization for more details. We would be delighted if as many opt to choose this form of support.

Can it go further?

We think so. As we continue to grow our business we have begun discussions with World Vision to support a complete project by ourselves. For each consulting day, which will be delivered through us we will put 5€ into this project. In other words, if you come and work with us you may have fun engaging in latest technologies while also contributing to the little help we want to provide for the children.

At the moment we tend to select a project for the medical care of children, but it is not yet decided conclusively. We also welcome any suggestions from our partners. We will present the project on our web page once we have decided what we go for.

Help the Children!

We hope to have inspired you